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Britney Spears has been showing off a sizable sparkler on her ring finger in recent weeks, but despite repeated (and repeatedly denied) rumblings that she's engaged to agent-boyfriend Jason Trawick, the romance appears to be far from serious.

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"It's a very superficial relationship," a source tells ABCNews.com. "But that's admittedly exactly what she needs right now. They are not 'in love.' She loves his friendship and the fact that he takes charge. He's just what she likes in a man: one who gives his time and sacrifices his needs for hers."

Concurs another confidant to People magazine, "Things are casual … Britney really listens to what he has to say. He's been with her a long time, he gets along with the family. He has her best interests at heart, and he cares about her."

Things may be casual, but Brit and Jason, who were recently hit with breakup rumors, still seem to be emotionally invested. ABCNews.com claims they had a "verbal altercation" (translation: shouting match) last week after the popster-cum-bikini enthusiast discovered he had been dialing an ex-girlfriend.

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"Britney was furious," says the mole.

The pair also allegedly bicker over how much cash she hands over to ex-husband Kevin Federline, who reportedly receives $20,000-plus per month in child support for sons Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2.

"From time to time, they also argue over her responsibilities toward Kevin," explains a Brit snitch. "He thinks she gives him too much money, but Britney feels it is important to give Kevin the amounts she does to ensure the boys are taken care of in a manner she feels they should be."

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Another supposed sticking point: Trawick doesn't always give in to Spears' wants, which we're assuming include multiple Frappuccino runs a day, rubbing suntan lotion on her swimsuit-encased body, and answering the question, "Do you like me better as a blonde or a brunette?" for the 521st time.

"Jason's a successful businessman who's used to giving advice to Britney, not listening to personal demands," says the source. "He doesn't worry about her every request."

Spears, whose Circus tour resumes Thursday night in Canada, "is treating her relationship with Jason as a friendship and nothing more," downplays the spy. "She likes him a lot, but not to the point of anything more than a deep friendship, not now anyway. Even their fights are just like arguments between good friends."

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