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Think things are stressful with the Jenner family in light of Bruce Jenner's rumored male-to-female transition? Think again!

Brody Jenner said the family couldn't be happier right now.

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"Everything is going great with the family," Brody told reporters on April 9, although he didn't reference his dad specifically. "Everybody's very happy. Everybody's living life. And it's a great time for all of us. Everything's really great."

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Brody's comments may be on the generic side, but aside from Kim Kardashian's comment in January in which she said Bruce was the "happiest" she'd ever seen him, it's one of the only times any of the Kardashian or Jenner kids have publicly referenced the former Olympian in months.

Bruce, of course, will finally have his say later this month in an interview with ABC News.

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As for Brody, though, part of his happiness stems from his relationship with model Kaitlynn Carter. The couple has been together for a year and a half now, but there aren't any wedding bells in the immediate future.

"Actually, in the past six months, I read we got engaged a few times. That's all just a bunch of B.S.," he said. "We're together and we're enjoying life, and that's it. But right now there's no talk of marriage."