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ET reports that Brooke Mueller is at a rehab facility.

Sources confirm that the Hollywood mom is now seeking treatment at a rehabilitation center in North Carolina that treats serious illnesses as well as drug and alcohol abuse patients.

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Mueller's attorney Yale Galanter insists her client has checked into Two Dreams to recover from her illness and not to seek help for substance abuse.

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Galanter tells ET that she's ok, but that he still has concerns for her. He adds that Mueller has fluid in her lungs from the pneumonia she is battling, and that she has been advised by her doctor not to fly anywhere until the fluid clears up. Following her release from the hospital, it is believed Brooke traveled by train to seek help.

She still cannot communicate with her husband Charlie Sheen due to a protective order provided to her following an alleged domestic incident last month. However, they reunited briefly after Sheen was given permission to visit his sick wife in the hospital.

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According to Wenn reports, Galanter says that Mueller is expected to remain at the facility for about a week.