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According to court documents obtained by ET, the California Medical Board is accusing octuplet mom Nadya Suleman's fertility physician of negligence.

The board says of Dr. Michael Kamrava's performance with regard to Suleman's fertility treatments: "Not only was [he] in violation of the standard of care, but ... beyond the reasonable judgment of any treating physician."

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Suleman is referred to as "N.S" in the court papers.

Furthermore, the board writes in the court papers, "At no time while N.S. was under the care of [Dr. Kamrava], especially from July 5, 2005 up to July 19, 2008, did [Dr. Kamrava] ever recommend or refer the patient to consult with a mental health professional. [Dr. Kamrava] knew that N.S. was a single woman with four children all conceived through IVF. She repeatedly returned for consultation approximately every four months following the delivery of her baby without any period of delay. [Dr. Kamrava] provided IVF treatment without consideration regarding potential harm to N.S.'s future children."

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