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Cameron Diaz has said she doesn't want kids -- but now she's not so sure.

"I never say never," the actress, 36, tells the July issue of UK Cosmopolitan. "I don't know what's going to happen. I could end up adopting half a dozen kids, or I could end up being the next 'Octo-mom' -- who fricking knows!"

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Diaz -- who next stars in My Sister's Keeper (out June 26) -- admits she's changed a lot over the past year.

"The past year has been totally transformative," she says. "I'm a completely different person, 100 percent."

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She also opens up about her ideal man. (Diaz was most recently linked to Jennifer Aniston's ex, British model Paul Sculfor.)

"What's changed from 10 years ago is that now I want a man who knows who he is. Someone who understands himself, has already dealt with his issues and who can say, 'I see where I've been foolish before and I'm not going to be like that again,'" she says.

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In the meantime, she's come to terms with herself.

"I think we have to be confident and accept ourselves for who we are. I think the biggest power a woman has is over her body [is] being able to control what you put in it. I mean, look at a car - it runs on gasoline, so you're not going to go and fill it up with Jell-O," she says. "Our bodies are machines too -- we just haven't been taught that."

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Diaz admits it's "incredibly important" for her to feel sexy.

"It's part of being an animal, it's part of being human. You have to feel sexy -- and I mean in the way that you feel sexy. Not in the images you see that say, 'This is what sexy is -- you have to look like this to be sexy,' or 'You have to fit into this dress or this lingerie.' Sexy can be anything. If more women embraced their own sexuality and their own sexiness, then men would pick up on that."