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By Melissa Hunter

Cameron Diaz is the cover girl for Vogue's June issue, and she's talks about her upcoming movie, the aging actress syndrome, and general sex iconery. Click through to see pictures from the shoot and check out the full article here.

Most of the interview took place as Cameron drove the writer, Robert Sullivan, to Palm Springs. For about half the article, Sullivan muses on what an excellent driver Diaz is. He says, "At the wheel of her Prius, she is not too fast, not too slow, but steady. If you want to turn on the light for a second to look around for a pen, that's OK. 'You can leave it on,' she says. 'I'm fine.'"

Gosh, she's famous, gorgeous AND she's a perfect driver too?! Some girls have it all, I guess. And Sullivan seems to be on the verge of writing a hot screenplay for Cam - a gritty, heartbreaking indie movie, "Riding in Cars with Interviewers."

Here are some sound bytes from the interview. Or text bytes, if you will...

On her upcoming film, "My Sister's Keeper":

"It's about falling in love. It's about all different kinds of love. Parents falling in love with their children. Children falling in love with their parents. Falling in love for the first time. Falling in love with being a teenager."

Say falling in love three more times, Cameron. I dare you.

On taking unusual roles:

"People who put labels on themselves limit themselves. If you are a woman who's been labeled as a sex symbol, for instance I mean, I am not saying that's the label people would apply to me."

That's real sweet that you're not calling yourself a sex symbol outright ... but after playing the sex goddess role in about 30 movies, I figured you had changed your name to Cameron The Sex Symbol Diaz.

She continues, "And if you can't move past [being a sex symbol], you're putting a limit on yourself; you're arresting your development. And that's where I think a lot of women get in trouble."

And by a lot of women, she's means Lisa Rinna.

On getting older:

"It's a journey. It's a total journey. But it's also true. I mean, I'm not 25 years old anymore, nor do I want to be. I wouldn't even want to go back to being 30. You know what I mean? That journeyI've done it already. I don't want to do it again."

So I take it you're not interested in starring in, "45 Going on 19," "Freaky Wednesday," "21 Again" or any other back-in-time/ body-switching movies? Damn, guess I can scrap those spec scripts.


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