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Mariah Carey fell in love for the first time when she met husband Nick Cannon.

The pop superstar was previously married to music mogul Tommy Mottola, who she has accused of "mental" and "emotional" abuse during their five-year union.

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Carey has dismissed all her previous relationships as "puppy love," insisting she never experienced true romantic feelings until she began dating Cannon in 2008.

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In a candid interview with U.S. talk show host Larry King, Carey was asked whether she fell in love for the first time with Cannon.

She replied, "Yes, I did."

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The singer adds, "Reflection is an interesting thing. Yes, when I was very young, I was like, this is amazing that somebody wants to take care of me and help me, but not realizing it was a two-way street and I was doing the same thing for them. And so, it was kind of stifling, yes. And other situations I was in, like puppy love. Nothing like the real thing."