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By Kat Giantis, reporting by Mary S. Park

Carmen Electra knows that Hollywood can be a fickle place. After all, her quickie Sin City wedding to Dennis Rodman went off the rails after barely two weeks. Her reality show-chronicled union to Dave Navarro lasted longer but eventually met the same end. Still, through the years, and through her ups and downs, there has been one constant for the va-va-voomy bombshell: the unwavering support of designer Rebecca Taylor.

At Sunday's afterparty for Taylor's fall collection at New York Fashion Week, Carmen spoke exclusively to Wonderwall about her relationship with the designer, along with her must-have trend for the coming months (hint: it's something often worn by "your mama").

WW: What shows are you most excited to see?

CE: Rebecca Taylor! [Points to the Rebecca Taylor tights she's wearing.] Straight off the run[way]! They're so disco, there's a little sparkle and they're so unique and different. It really stood out to me, watching the show and seeing the collection. I wanted the tights. I also loved the layers and dresses and jackets.

WW: What parties are you most looking forward to?

CE: Rebecca Taylor! Every season I feel like she really gets it and I love her. She's been very supportive throughout my career, through highs and lows in my career, [and] never, ever turned her back on me. I've gone through hard times, and it really stays with you when people support you throughout your career and your life, and so I'm very happy to be here and I really appreciate that.

WW: She supported you by giving you clothes?

CE: Absolutely yeah, yeah.

WW: It's great to be around good people. What fashion trends will you be wearing in the fall?

CE: I'm looking for a great pair of combat boots, just a rocking, hard pair of boots.

WW: Why?

CE: It's easy to walk around, comfort!

WW: What do you think about the Kardashian sisters' line with Bebe?

Carmen Electra: There's room for everybody, there's room for everybody. Why not?

WW: Which sister do you think would make the cutest line?

CE: Oh my gosh, I don't know. They all have such different personalities. I think they should come together and mix it up.

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