Caroline Manzo has had to deal with a lot in the 32 years that she's been with husband Albert, including, she mentions in her new book Let Me Tell You Something, his possible infidelity years ago.

In the book, Manzo brings up the possibility that Albert may have cheated on her in a one-night stand some 25 years ago, but the Real Housewives of New Jersey star tells Us that Albert's wandering eye was just a "stumble," and she ultimately doesn't fault him for it.

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"Listen, Albert and I have been through hell and back together," the 51-year-old mother of three told Us. "And the man adores me and I adore him back. …And I'm not that worried about if he had a one-night stand or a fling 15 years ago. If he did or he didn't, I don't know. As long as it wasn't yesterday, I really don't care."

Manzo, who is known for her outspoken nature on the Bravo reality show, added that she would forgive Albert because she knows that at the end of the day, "it doesn't make them a bad person."

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"None of it's positive but it happens," she said. "And we're human. It doesn't make them a bad person. It makes them human. …I'm not talking a six-month relationship with a serial cheater. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about if there was a stumble, if there was a trip and a fall way back then."

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"I know who I am. I know who he is. I know what we have. It is what it is," she told Us at her book launch event on Thursday, March 21.

Manzo and her husband are parents to three children -- Albert "Albie" Manzo IV, Lauren Michele, and Christopher Thomas.

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