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Reporting by Mary Park

Wonderwall caught up with Carrie Fisher at the Official Lipton Gift Lounge backstage at the 63rd annual Tony Awards and asked the most important question of our age: "So what do you think about 'Star Wars: The Musical'"?

Her response? "I think nothing could be more vomitious!"

Strong words from the former Princess Leia! Why is that exactly?

"I just can't [imagine it]," said Carrie. "Isn't it enough? Don't we have enough? I like 'Star Wars' the porno film -- 'Zack and Miri' -- that seems great to me. But a musical ..."

Well, then. Given her discriminating tastes, would Miss Fisher consider a cameo in a porno?

"Absolutely!" she says. "I'm getting back to my metal bikini weight. And I'm going to do a porno, then. It'll take a while."

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