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Brace yourselves, Carrie Underwood fans.

"I have officially decided that I'm giving up the music business," the country singer wrote Friday on her blog (to which fans must subscribe).  "I'm going to become a professional sitcom actress!"

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"LOL! Just kidding," she said. The star simply got carried away filming her guest starring role -- her sitcom debut -- on CBS' How I Met Your Mother. (Show regular Neil Patrick Harris shared an on-set snapshot with Underwood, 26, on Thursday.) "The show was so much fun!" she gushed, adding that she had "a blast," and that the cast and crew "made me feel right at home and were super nice and great with me and my lack of experience."

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Her HIMYM stint sounds like a blast. "I got to hang out with the whole cast, dress up like a flight attendant, play a cavewoman, and had a baby pig poop on me...jealous?"

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The Oklahoma native boasted that she handled the piglet just fine. "I think I was the only one who knew how to hold and wasn't afraid of a little piglet!"

The star -- engaged to hockey star Mike Fisher -- also got costume fittings for her upcoming concert tour. "The production is going to be amazing!" she promised. "I'm kind of disappointed that I'll be on the stage and not in the audience."