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Carrie Underwood is trying to be supermom, but she can't help it if motherhood forces her to be riddled with guilt all the time.

The country cutie spoke to People magazine to discuss life as a new mom and all the pleasant struggles that come with it.

"You feel guilty about every single thing, every decision you make, everything you do," she said while sitting in her Nashville-area cabin she shares with her husband of five years, NHL star Mike Fisher, and their 7-month-old son Isaiah Michael.

Breastfeeding, she said, is still a bit of a work in progress, especially considering the resources are drying out. She plans to keep doing it for "as long as I can take it. It's hard. My supply is pretty nil. We have to supplement with formula. I'm doing the best that I can, you know?"

Although she is happily married and Isaiah Michael is the light of her life, for Carrie, being married with kids wasn't always something she envisioned. In fact, she says she's "loosey-goosey" about being a mom.

"I never dreamt of my wedding day and the perfect guy," she says. "Then I met Mike, and I was like, 'Wow, so now I know what I was missing.' And the same with my son. I was never like, 'I want kids so bad.' And now that I have Isaiah in my life, I'm like, 'What did I do before?'"