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Evan Agostini / AP 1 / 3

Who knew?! Gorgeous director Cary Joji Fukunaga got more than he bargained for when he hit the stage to collect his Outstanding Directing Emmy for his work on "True Detective" on Monday, Aug. 25 — not only did he get an award, he also got a swooning internet following!

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The handsome, chisel-cheeked 37-year-old caused an instant online commotion as he took to the stage at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre to accept his award at the 2014 Emmys. But it wasn't his impressive body of work the fans were focused on, it was the fact that he's super hot!

Even devout fans of the show were surprised their program creator was the tall, dark and handsome man on the stage before them — and not only did he look cute, he was pretty funny, too!

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Fukunaga, who is half Swedish, half Japanese, dated Michelle Williams briefly in 2011. Speaking in the past of his romantic prowess, Fukunaga revealed, "I’ve written immense love letters that are supposed to be opened over days at a time. I used to always make art for girls. That was the thing I did for girls to like me. I did portraits, drawings, letters that formed outlines of significant things in our relationship. Art. I just used art in general. It usually worked."

Twitter appreciation for hunky Fukunaga’s acceptance speech started pouring in minutes after his appearance on the Emmys stage.

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"I am ROLLING at the Cary Fukunaga thirst on my timeline. We are all in this together," wrote one enamored fan via Twitter.

"Cary Fukunaga thirst all over my TL like whoa," added another Emmys watcher.

In addition to "True Detective," Fukunaga also directed the 2011 movie "Jane Eyre." One of his first jobs in Los Angeles was working on the shoot for the Destiny's Child video, "Survivor."