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It's time once again to check in on which stars are supposedly being naughty and which are being nice. Here's the latest:

You'd think that being married to Scarlett Johansson would turn Ryan Reynolds into a walking ray of sunshine, aglow with his good fortune of having a beautiful wife and a beautiful life in which he's paid megabucks to show off his six-pack abs on-screen.

But the actor is earning a bit of a reputation as a crankypants. Not only has he been accused of huffily rebuffing fans, but he allegedly "angered" the suits behind "The Green Lantern" by bailing on last week's fanboy-filled Comic-Con after a supposed fight with his missus.

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Not so, say reps for the couple, who adamantly deny that Reynolds was scheduled to attend the event. As for the purported squabble, an insider brushes it off as "ridiculous."

But now the venerable New York Times is calling out the actor, hinting that he was less than friendly to the little people while shooting "The Proposal" on location in Massachusetts.

Seems the production spent three weeks filming at a seaside home belonging to the Kaneb family, who got to know some of the cast. According to Mrs. Kaneb, Betty White was an absolute sweetheart who bonded with the family dog and was always quick with a compliment, while Bullock took the time to chat with her about how to memorize lines.

In fact, says the paper, "the actors all went out of their way to reach out" to the Kanebs, "except for Mr. Reynolds," who apparently spent his downtime texting Scarlett.

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In other behavior news, Katherine Heigl has taken plenty of knocks in recent days, with even Newsweek analyzing why people find her "so annoying."

According to the Los Angeles Times, her appearance last week on David Letterman's show might be part of the problem.

During the sit-down, the actress told Dave about the marathon day of filming she had when production recently resumed on the new season of "Grey's Anatomy."

"Our first day back was Wednesday, and it was -- I'm going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them -- a 17-hour day, which I think is cruel and mean," she lightly kvetched, before adding it was "great to be back."

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The paper believes that Heigl is being a wee bit ungrateful, claiming (via a report from Emmy-winning writer-producer Ken Levine) that the day was so long because the show's shooting schedule had to be juggled -- and overtime paid to the crew, per union rules -- to accommodate her promotional commitments for "The Ugly Truth."

Of course, this could also be another instance in which one of Heigl's off-the-cuff remarks is seemingly blown out of proportion. Time will tell, although if Izzie doesn't survive that brain tumor, we might have our answer.

And finally, we're starting to worry that Russell Crowe has suffered some sort of head injury, because lately he hasn't been acting anything like his notoriously ornery self.

On the heels of reports that he coughed up a fistful of cash so a crew member on the London set of "Robin Hood" could buy a new car after hers caught fire, the BBC reports the Oscar winner made a generous, out-of-the-blue donation last week to a charity-based store.

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"We couldn't believe it when Russell Crowe came into our shop and gave us the money," says a volunteer staffer at the Cancer Research shop outside London. "We knew he was in the area filming, and had been hoping to catch a glimpse of him. We were all a bit star-struck, but it was lovely to meet him and he stopped and had a bit of a chat with us."

The actor was apparently dining at a nearby café and decided to stop into the store and have a look around. At first, the clerk working the register didn't recognize him.

"He asked if we took donations and she told him that we do in the back of the shop," relays the manager. "She gave him the book to fill in his name and he wrote Russell Crowe."

Crowe handed over about $1,650. And while we remain unsure whether the star's sudden benevolent streak is a sign of personal growth spurt or a sign he's getting great advice from his publicist, we've still gotta applaud his efforts.

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