Hollywood Halloween!

Want to win the costume contest this year? Us Weekly has selected the top five celebrity costumes of 2012. Check out how to copy their styles below with our do it yourself tips. 

Teresa and Joe Giudice

1. Black wig -- Wear the New Jersey Real Housewife's mane low on the forehead. Extra credit: Tease the top and sides and hair-spray.

2. Fake tan -- Spray it on like the Giudices or opt for a bottled blend.

3. Flashy attire -- Get it right, get it tight: a mini for her, a muscle tee for him. Gold cross necklace imperative.

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Honey Boo Boo

1. Tiara-wearing pig -- Oink out! Every self-respecting Alana Thompson needs a plush version of her "good-luck charm," portly pet Glitzy, complete with pint-size pageant crown.

2. Message tee -- Jean shorts on the bottom; T-shirt with signature catchphrase (think You Better Redneckognize or Beautimous, available at tlc.com) on top. Occasionally lift tee and flash belly for good measure.

3. Silver kitten heels -- Try a thrift shop.

4. Whoopee cushion -- Can't toot on cue? Tote this fart joke. 

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Prince Harry

1. Red hair dye -- Ginger man! Temporary color lightens up a mop, stubble and chest hair.

2. Nude suit -- Don't dare to bare? (Don't blame you.) American Apparel leggings preserve modesty while still channeling Harry from his infamous Las Vegas nude photo scandal.

3. Amber pendant -- the spare heir's dead giveaway.

4. Accomplice -- Convince a similarly-clad pal to get behind your costume.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

1. Jewelry -- Dig for gold: initial earrings for Kardashian, a chunky chain (worn under the shirt) for West.

2. Long black wig -- Secure into a slick ponytail (West's favorite look!).

3. Matching duds -- Monochromatic ensembles -- in only black or white -- are a must. Bonus: his and hers sneaks.

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1. Shades -- Charm sexy ladies in the "Gangnam Style" singer's black-rimmed tortoiseshell sunglasses.

2. Tux -- Keep it classy in lime-green or powder-blue formalwear (rent one or fakt it with a tee from spreadshirt.com).

3. Shoes -- "Ride the horse" in saddles.

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