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@channingtatum / Instagram 1 / 14

In a story all too familiar, America lost another hero in war. The tragedy wasn't lost on Channing Tatum who actually met that fallen solider during a USO tour.

The "Magic Mike XXL" actor took to Instagram on Aug. 10 to extend his condolences to the family of First Sergeant Peter Andrew McKenna. He posted a photo of himself and Andrew, along with fellow actors Adam Rodriguez and Nick Zano.

"I'd like to offer my deepest condolences to the family of First Sergeant Peter Andrew McKenna, a brave soldier we had the honor of meeting in Afghanistan," he wrote. "He tragically lost his life in an attack on one of the bases we visited on @theuso tour back in February."

Andrew, according to news reports, died on Aug. 7 when the Taliban attacked the U.S. military's Special Forces base near Kabul International Airport. Two other American soldiers were wounded. Andrew, a native of Rhode Island, was a Green Beret and had reportedly served numerous tours in Afghanistan.

Earlier this year, the actors visited seven bases in Afghanistan, as well as the U.S. Embassy there. During their six day USO tour, the trio visited over 1,500 troops.

In his heartfelt post honoring the fallen American patriot, Channing said, "Let's always remember to thank the men and women who serve this county and so often sacrifice their own lives for ours."

Well said, Channing, and thank you, Andrew.