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Better follow through, Charlie! "Anger Management" star Charlie Sheen pledged $1,000 to a server in Philadelphia who was stiffed earlier this week by NFL star LeSean McCoy.

The actor, 49, took to his Twitter on Wednesday, Sept. 10, to promise server Rob Knelly the rather large tip, after McCoy, one of the league's most prolific running backs, left a tip of 20 cents.

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dear Tommy Up at PYT in Philly. Please tell Rob K I'm pledging 1000 dollars to him for the tip debacle just wanna help. c #NoJudgement

— Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) September 10, 2014

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The story begins Monday, Sept. 8, when McCoy and three other pals stopped by the burger joint PYT. The tab totaled $61.56, but McCoy apparently felt that the service warranted far less than 20 percent. The restaurant's owner, Tommy Up, shared a picture of the receipt on PYT's page and discussed it with a local media outlet, and it became the subject of national scrutiny.

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Knelly, who has worked at PYT for over three years, told the Philadelphia Daily News that he wasn't surprised about the tiny tip. "I saw it coming," he said. "They were extremely rude. I kept my cool for as along as I could, where you just don't want them yelling and cursing you."

Meanwhile, the owner of the restaurant has received backlash for sharing the receipt. "I take total and complete responsibility for sharing this receipt," Up wrote on PYT's Facebook page, noting McCoy's "insulting" behavior. "It was not our server's decision, it was mine. I am to blame. I decided to take action after some serious thought."

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Up's reaction to Sheen's pledge was better. On Wednesday, he reposted the star's tweet on his personal Facebook page and wrote, "Charlie Sheen is an American hero and a gentlemen." The restaurant also posted Sheen's pledge and wrote, "#tigerblood."

McCoy, for his part, told a Philadelphia Eagles beat writer that the entire situation is "bulls---, man."


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