Two and a Half Men's new female character, the daughter of the late Charlie Harper (formerly played by Charlie Sheen), has at least one thing in common with her long-lost father -- his taste in women. The character, who is set to make her debut in the season 11 premiere this fall, has been written as a lesbian, TV Line confirms.

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Per a description of the role, 21-year-old Jenny "likes everything her dad liked, including women." She's also "beautiful and sexy," and she "uses her hotness when she needs to."

As Us Weekly previously reported, Jenny shows up at the home of Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) looking for her dad. The plan, if she clicks with viewers, is to ultimately have her move in with the duo, filling the void left by Jake (Angus T. Jones).

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Jones, 19 -- a series regular on the CBS sitcom since its debut 10 seasons ago -- decided this spring not to return for another year. Rumors of his exit started circulating as early as last November, though, after he released a YouTube video slamming Two and a Half Men as "filth" and asking viewers to "please stop watching." (He later apologized for "showing indifference and disrespect" toward his colleagues, but the damage had already been done.)

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"They tried really hard to keep him, but he was just done done," a source told Us Weekly when CBS announced his departure in April.

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