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Chelsea Handler is now a little higher in multiple ways.

She, however, is maintaining that there is nothing uplifting about her body.

The funny lady already got a medical marijuana card just days ahead of her 40th birthday, but one report indicated on March 4 that she also underwent a breast lift a few months ago, too.

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The surgery was allegedly done because Chelsea was "stressed about looking saggy," a source told Us Weekly. She even researched the best doctors to use who are known to lessen scaring in these kind of procedures.

Chelsea quickly denied the report on Twitter in a way that was, well, pure Chelsea. "Um ... there have been a lot of men who've touched my boobies, but not one of them has ever been a doctor," she tweeted.

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Chelsea isn't usually shy about showing her breasts off to the world on social media. In fact, just an hour after her denial, she posted a topless photo of herself laying on the floor, claiming it was proof that no procedure was done.

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She often battled with Instagram over her breasts -- she's a big supporter of the "Free The Nipple" campaign. Of oversharing her lady parts, the Us source said of Chelsea, "She is obsessed, so she keeps posting."