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Chris Brown's less-than-effective contrition and career rehab tour rolls on. In an interview with New York radio station Hot 97 on Wednesday, the singer once again tried to persuade the public that he's a changed man following his February assault on Rihanna.

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"At the end of the day, I'm human," he tells DJ Angie Martinez. "If people feel a certain way, I'm not gonna say they're wrong ... But at the end of the day, it's not right to judge somebody when people make mistakes all the time. I've learned from my mistakes and I'm learning from them. And I regret every moment, every second of it."

Brown's repeated use of the phrase "at the end of the day" appears to be his attempt to get everyone to see the bigger picture on the brutal beating.

"At the end of the day, I'm sorry for what I did, whatever it is," he tiptoed. "Only me and Shorty know what went down in the car, it's between us."

And, "at the end of the day," continues Chris, "I still got feelings for Shorty."

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He admits that he no longer knows how his chart-topping former flame feels, which is probably for the best considering that he's legally barred from contacting her for the next five years as part of his jail-avoiding plea deal.

"Feelings are feelings and they don't go away overnight, they don't just disappear," acknowledges Brown, 20, who adds that this will be the "last time" he talks about the incident. "I really care about her."

Still, "I'm not saying I'm trying to get back with her," he clarifies. As for his future romantic prospects (ladies, you've been warned), "I'm taking my time right now. I'm back to square one ... I gotta get over the hump."

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One hump Chris insists he's over: being abusive.

"I can be certain for sure [that it won't happen again]," he declares. "I've seen the pain people have been through, and I don't want to inflict that anymore."

Brown, who kicks off a "fan appreciation" tour on Nov. 14, also did some damage control over his remarks last month regarding Oprah's Rihanna-dedicated show on domestic violence, which he had insensitively called "a slap in my face" because he'd "done a lot of stuff for her," including performing at her school in Africa.

"I don't diss Oprah, 'cause I respect her as a woman," explains the crooner. "I felt that at the time, when I needed a helping hand ... to reach out and just talk to me and Rihanna ... I'm not even saying have me on the show but ... help. Just help. That's all I was asking for."

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Chris then reiterates his Elephant Man-esque "I am a human being! I am a man!" message.

"People don't realize I'm human," he boohoos. "I hurt, cry, I feel pain, I feel embarrassment, I feel ashamed."

But, hey, at least Brown has been able to transform his torment into song, confessing that his new album is "my version of my life in a nutshell."

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That apparently includes his new single, "Crawl", which was released just two days after Rihanna debuted her latest song, the less subtext-laden "Russian Roulette."

"Everybody says we're through/I hope you haven't said it, too," he emotes on the ballad. "So, where do we go from here with all this fear in our eyes? ... I need one more chance/We can still have it all ... So let's crawl, crawl/ Back to love."

Or, you know, not.

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