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Despite being arrested for allegedly beating Rihanna, Chris Brown insists he's not a bad guy in a new online video.

"I just wanna say 'what's up?' because I ain't been out there in a minute," Brown says in a clip shot at Shaquille O'Neal's house with Bow Wow.

"But the new album is gonna be coming soon. We working on it right now. It's called Graffiti. It's got everything on it, so y'all be ready for that," continues Brown, who will be represented by his lawyers in court tomorrow on another hearing related to his felony battery charges.

"I'm about to drop a single this summer for y'all. We ain't going nowhere. Everybody that's haters, they just been haters," he goes on. "All my real fans, I love you. I ain't a monster!"

Adds Bow Wow, who flashes a peace sign: "Believe that!"

Brown also denies reports that Jay-Z -- Rihanna's mentor -- gave him a black eye.

"You guys lie! Liar, liar, liar," Brown says in a second video.

Rihanna -- who split from Brown shortly after their February altercation -- was recently spotted with Canadian hip-hop artist Aubrey "Drake" Graham, who denies any romance.

"Nah, nah, nah, it's not like that at all," he told NYC's Hot 97 radio station last week. "I'm being honest, man. [She's] just a friend. That's all."