@christiebrinkley / Instagram 1 / 13
@christiebrinkley / Instagram 1 / 13

Ouch! Christie Brinkley was supposed to be enjoying a vacation in Key West's Parrot Bay Resort. Instead, she ended up in a Miami hospital after trying to save a bird.

The supermodel posted a collage of photos that showed her nursing a black eye and stitches, clearly banged up from the incident. Christie didn't elaborate on exactly how she went from saving a bird to a hospital bed.

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Christie attempted to explain her situation in a lengthy caption on Instagram, saying, "We interrupt this holiday to take a little unplanned excursion to Miami for cat scans and stitches following an accident trying to save a bird."

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She continued, "My grateful heartfelt thanks go out to our wonderful Parrot Cay Family who got me to the boat and plane, and my friends in Miami who found my A Team at University of Miami Hospital led by Dr Askari and his professional caring and adorable team and to my bestie @artminster who spent her much needed and deserved holiday by my bedside .. I can't possibly thank you enough and I offer you a pain check .. I mean rain check! Lol! @artminster #grateful #thankful #itcouldhavebeenworse! #uneven know #liveachday."

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Prior to her hospitalization, Christie posted several photos to her Instagram account of her tranquil vacation in the Caribbean.