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By Melissa Hunter, Reporting by Corey Podell

Stars came out for the Feeding America charity event in Los Angeles on Sept. 29 and Wonderwall was right there with them. We talked with Christina Applegate, among other celebs, and asked what they'd feed us if we came over for dinner. Let's just say svelte starlets aren't going to provide the best comfort food.

Applegate tells us, "Unfortunately for you, all I have in my fridge is my macrobiotic food. I don't have much else."

Mmm, nothing like a good ol' soy cheese, seaweed, and quinoa casserole just like grandma used to make.

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But let's put the organic foods aside, and get down to what you really want, Christina. We asked what she could eat a million pounds of and never get tired of (er, never count a single calorie of).

"Pizza! Straight up cheese," she admits. "Nothing really compares to real New York pizza or real Chicago pizza. It's hard out here ... And when I want Chicago pizza, I get it flown in from Lou Malnati's."

Something about that extravagance makes us love her more. She's an actress worth her salty crusted pizza personally flown to her.

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"Don't tell my macrobiotic lady about that," she warned us.

We don't want to tell her, but we don't know exactly what a macrobiotic lady is. Is that like the Bionic Woman's cousin?

She explains, "I have a chef that cooks me all my macrobiotic food. But every once and a while, it's OK to live your life."

Hear that, ironically frail actresses at the Feeding America event? Live your life, sometimes, by way of deep dish pizza.

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Food talk aside (though we do love us some food talk), we had to ask the question everyone has been dying to know for the past five Ron Burgundy-less years. Will Applegate be cast in "Anchorman 2"? And when, oh when, will there be an "Anchorman 2"?

"I better be," she says. "It's so in the beginning stages and beginning talks, because everyone is so busy. But we all want to get back together. I just saw Steve Carell and we were like, 'Oh my God, we would drop everything just to do it!' But it's probably at least a couple of years away."

Couple of years? But I want it nooooow. All right, go get your charity on, Applegate. We're looking forward to the invite to your next imported pizza party.