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In spite of his status as one of Hollywood's hottest leading men, Colin Farrell's life has recently taken a turn toward the mundane. And though he may have starred in two major films this year, the Irishman has traded in Hollywood nightclubs and stunning starlets for messy ice cream dates and plastic dinosaurs.

"I have priorities that are the same thing as a majority of people: friends, family, and a little bit of work thrown in there," the Irishman told Wonderwall at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film, "Seven Psychopaths."

At the top of his list of priorities are sons James, 9, and Henry, 3, who the reformed bad boy has been spotted with more and more in recent months.

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What exactly does the heartthrob consider the best part of fatherhood? "Pretty much everything," he says. "It's easier picking out what's your least favorite part."

"It's just a never-ending factory line of various parts," he adds.

While the father of two has certainly cleaned up his act since a 2005 stint in rehab, one thing that hasn't changed is his charming sense of humor -- or his flare for disheveled-chic ensembles. (Remember this shirtless sweatpants-plus-blazer combo?) The actor showed up on the black carpet in a blazer over a white T-shirt with a graphic print of co-star Christopher Walken's face. (Co-star Sam Rockwell donned a similar tee.)

"My wifebeater didn't come back from the laundromat in time," he explained of his not-so-designer duds.

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So it's clear Colin might be in the market for some wardrobe staples more suitable for a star with four films slated for 2013. (That's a lot of co-stars' faces to pick from!)

As the hunky actor settles more and more into the role of a lifetime, fatherhood, he seems content to let the roles from his past fade into history. Though he recalled some of his former bad-boy ways to play an alcoholic writer in "Seven Psychopaths," that's a part of his life better left in a fantasy world. When asked if he needs a real-life drinking partner, the actor replied, "Like I need an arrow in the neck!"

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