The Cruise kids are just chillin'!

As their sister Suri Cruise enjoys time in New York City, Connor and Isabella Cruise bonded in their Los Angeles hometown, as evidenced by a new Twitter photo Connor, 17, posted Thursday.

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"Me and my sister," disc jockey Connor -- who goes by the stage name DJ C-Squared -- wrote when posting the pic and the hashtag #chilltime.

Though Connor has turned up on his dad's many film sets -- including Oblivion in Iceland, which Connor visited days after Katie Holmes filed to divorce his dad June 28 -- Isabella, 19, has largely remained private as her family deals with the couple's split.

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A source tells Us Weekly that Isabella and Connor -- whom Cruise, 50, and ex-wife Nicole Kidman adopted during their 10-year marriage -- have yet to see their former stepmother Holmes since she filed for divorce.

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Connor has been especially broken up about his dad's split from Holmes. "Katie was practically his mom," a source recently told Us. "He called her 'mom,' too."

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