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Is it a bad sign when your boyfriend is publicly singing the praises of your shapely keister and not, say, your intellect and kindness? Justin Timberlake, who's currently in Europe promoting his William Rast clothing line, says girlfriend Jessica Biel nicely fills out the company's denim offerings. "She's constantly telling me she needs a new pair of jeans because she's wearing them out," he hawked during an interview this week with Britain's GMTV, before adding with a laugh, "She's got a nice bum, that one!" Caboose compliments aside, the crooner has recently enjoyed a few nights out sans his callipygian squeeze of two-plus years. Not only did he party with his buddies (and allegedly rebuff Lindsay Lohan) at a New York club a few days back, but he also hung out with Guy Ritchie at the director's London pub on Monday evening. According to the London Sun, the former Mr. Madonna may be interested in casting Justin in an upcoming project, possibly a remake of the musical "Guys and Dolls."

In other romance news, remember that scene in "Bull Durham" when Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) teaches lunkheaded Nuke LaLoosh (Tim Robbins) how to give an interview using nothing but clichés (e.g., "I'm just happy to be here and I hope I can help the ball club")? That's sort of what Tony Romo sounds like when he talks about his romance with Jessica Simpson. "It's a normal relationship," the Dallas Cowboys quarterback told People magazine on Tuesday: "There's nothing exotic or crazy about it. We're two people who care about each other, and it's not hard to make it work when both of you want to see the other one. We make each other happy." When asked how he and Simpson are doing after nearly two years of togetherness, Romo scintillatingly revealed, "It's going good. We have fun being around each other. She's a great girl. We enjoy each other's company." In Tony's defense, he probably had more important things on his mind than being original. Turns out he gave the interview while accompanying a 10-year-old boy named Ben to batting practice at Yankee Stadium. Ben has leukemia, and the visit was arranged through the wish-granting Starlight Children's Foundation. In other words, Romo gets a pass -- and a pat on the back. As for his blonder half, she was spotted wearing a necklace with dangling charms reading "Jessica and Tony" when she landed in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. The next day, Simpson belted out the national anthem at the AT&T National golf tournament and cheered on Romo, who hit the links with Tiger Woods.

What do you get the woman who has everything, including a new and improved bustline? If you're David Beckham, a romantic getaway to a ritzy, privately owned Caribbean island is a good place to start. The London Sun says the soccer star plans to spirit wife Victoria (but not, presumably, their three sons) to Necker Island to celebrate their 10th anniversary this weekend. "Becks has pulled in a few favors. He has bought Victoria a lot of other gifts to mark the occasion but the big surprise is the holiday to Necker," spills a source. "[Billionaire mogul] Richard Branson owns the paradise island and sorted the trip out, including all the travel arrangements. It will be something to remember."

The Beckhams aren't the only big names who are relying on the kindness of their billionaire pals. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes landed in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday and immediately settled into an ultra-secure and ultra-swanky penthouse suite at the Crown Casino, which is reportedly on loan from the actor's moneybags buddy, James Packer (the luxurious digs usually run more than $20,000-a-night -- yes, the mind boggles). The next day, TomKat treated 3-year-old Suri to a trip to the aquarium. Friday is expected to be adults-only as the "Dianetics"-devoted duo celebrate Tom's 47th birthday.

Also on the move are "Slumdog Millionaire" sweethearts Freida Pinto and Dev Patel, who were spied shopping and dining this week in Philadelphia, where the actor is filming "The Last Airbender." Meanwhile, Ashley Olsen and boyfriend Justin Bartha were caught mid-cuddle on Sunday as they perambulated around Paris.