Peter Kramer / KRAPE 1 / 6
Peter Kramer / KRAPE 1 / 6

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A judge has granted Jeff Goldblum a temporary restraining order against a woman who has been repeatedly ordered to stay away from the actor for years.

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Goldblum's attorneys obtained the order against 49-year-old Linda Ransom on Friday in Los Angeles. A previous stay-away order against Ransom from 2007 has expired and police and the actor state in court filings that Ransom has repeatedly gone to Goldblum's home this month.

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The filings state Ransom has been arrested three times for violating previous restraining orders. Goldblum first alerted authorities to her in 2001 after she attended one of his acting classes and then started waiting outside his home.

Goldblum wrote the court that Ransom's actions have caused him "substantial emotional distress" over the years.

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Ransom did not immediately return a phone message.