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Looks like Marilyn Manson isn't the only aging rocker who needs to grow up and get a grip.

The New York Post says Courtney Love, who turns 45 on Thursday, trashed her luxurious and, it should be noted, surprisingly quaint and charming hotel room at Manhattan's Inn at Irving Place during a brief stay last month.

She allegedly littered the place with used needles and feminine products. Fortunately, no doll parts were found, but yeah, we're right there with you: Ick.

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"She caused so much damage in eight hours and wreaked so much havoc," a snitch tells the paper of Courtney's June 17 check-in. "It was actually kind of funny . . . minus the $5,000 in repairs."

Love, who recently acknowledged that she needs to add some poundage to her worryingly rickety figure (she blames the weight loss on stress from the supposed disappearance of millions from late husband Kurt Cobain's estate), was reportedly staying at the hotel with 16-year-old daughter Frances Bean, who might want to consider emancipated minor status.

And, apropos of nothing (or, you know, something), when Courtney obligingly removed the contents of her purse for outside the Inn on June 18, one of the items inside was a needle, which she said was filled with a drug used to treat serious allergic reactions (she also had some Benadryl on her -- not exactly the hard stuff).

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"I have not taken drugs in five and a half years," insisted Love, "but I do have a syringe in here. It's for an emergency, [in case] I can't see, and it's very dangerous."

By the by, Courtney was hit with similar hotel trashing claims last month, when Life & Style alleged that the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles asked her to pay up after she left her room splattered with pink dye following a fashion experiment gone awry.

"At the last minute, she decided she had to dye a load of fabric for her new fashion line before flying to London for the Elle Style Awards," a source told the mag. "She splashed pink dye everywhere -- all over the kitchen and the floors! Once she realized what a mess she'd made, she called hotel staff to clean up after her. They took one look at it and returned with two huge bottles of bleach."

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