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Courtney Love has been ordered to hand over almost $96,000 to a fashion designer she was accused of defaming after allegedly missing a settlement payment.

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The rocker has reportedly paid $350,000 of the $450,000 she agreed to pay Dawn Simorangkir after bad-mouthing her on Twitter in 2009, but she reportedly missed a scheduled payment in January.

Simorangkir's attorney brought a motion to enforce the settlement, which prompted a Los Angeles judge to order Love to pay the balance on Tuesday.

Ironically, the ruling came just hours after another Los Angeles Superior Court judge decided to uphold the rocker's not guilty verdict in another defamation case, brought against Love by a former attorney.

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During a hearing into the case, held to determine if a new trial would be granted to lawyer Rhonda Holmes, the judge ruled the jury's verdict in January was "right on the money".