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They're a match made in maxillofacial heaven: today the London Mirror's 3 Am Girls are reporting that Courtney Love and Mickey Rourke have been hooking up on the sly. Rumor has is that Rourke sent Love a text message sometime around the Golden Globe Awards asking her out on a date, and the pair have been sharing Hollywood war stories, and, um, touching doll parts under the sheets ever since. Coincidentally, they both picked up Elle Style awards yesterday. (Yes, for real.)

Not since Liza Minnelli and David Gest's doomed union have we encountered a couple who seem so right - and yet so wrong - for each other. Despite matching refurbished faces, rollercoaster careers, stints in rehab and recent comebacks (he for The Wrestler; she with an Elle UK Woman of the year award for her blog - again, for real?), we must admit we're a little skeptical about the fairly odd couple's chances at long-term commitment.

Mickey's clearly enjoying the A through Z-list attention he's receiving from Tinseltown's most eligible bachelorettes (Evan Rachel Wood, Bai Ling). Meanwhile, Kurt Cobain's widow is a sensitive single mother with a thing for bad boys (Ed Norton, Trent Reznor) who inevitably break her heart and send her on a downward spiral. She's also known to be the jealous type who behaves badly, then rants wildly and incoherently on her (award-winning) Myspace blog.

Although we'd really love to see these two walk the red carpet together on Oscar night, we're not sure Mickey's career can afford the Love drama. Then again, the hopeful vision of Courtney dressed like a cheerleader singing, "Hey Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind" at Mickey's post-Academy Awards party blows our minds. Plus, a double date with Frances Bean and Robert Pattinson would just rule.

Let's just hope they stick it out a little longer, say, two more weeks. Do it for the kids, guys!