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It seems like just yesterday that sweet little Dakota Fanning was still losing teeth and upstaging Academy Award Winner Sean Penn in I Am Sam. And now here we are, eight years later, and she's still the toast of Tinseltown - during another Oscar season belonging to Penn, no less - but my, how she's grown.

Fanning, 14 (she turns 15 in three weeks), recently taped a segment for The Late Show with David Letterman to promote her new film Coraline. Wearing a sleek navy romper and heels that showed off her legs, we did a jaw-dropping double-take when we first saw the paparazzi pics. Seriously, we could've sworn it was Naomi Watts - or at least Taylor Momsen.

The accelerated actress recently spoke to Parade Magazine about little girl stuff like collecting dolls ("I just love them. I used to imagine those dolls were my children and I'd act out little stories ... that's when I realized I could be an actor.") and big, tomboy-ish stuff like carrying a gun ("As you get older, there's more things that you can do in films.") Guns? No more Jodie Foster movies for you, young lady!

But who needs guns when a girl's got fangs? Fanning said the Twilight sequel casting rumors still aren't set in stone, but she sure does seem to have her itty-bitty heart set on the role.

"I'm working on it," admits Dakota. "I would be a vampire, which could really prove that I can be sweet, little Dakota Fanning and then I can be something different on the screen."

Ooh, we figured they'd cast her as Kristen Stewart's BFF or something - we're glad to hear she might actually get to be a bad-girl blood-sucker. Being good all the time bites.

Dakota totally deserves a deviant role that she can sink her talented (and grown up) teeth into.