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Despite disparaging comments earlier in the week, David Arquette insists he has love for Latina women.

Chatting with Fox News earlier this week, Arquette, 37, remarked: "I think Latina women are, I mean, it depends on the woman, but I think they are very, they have great judgment, but there are some that are just nuts. I'm just saying."

On Friday, the "Scream" star, who just signed of for a fourth installment of the horror series with wife Courteney Cox, issued the following apology:

"I would like to issue an apology for the comments I made on Fox and Friends. My intent was to be humorous and not offensive," said Arquette, who has been in New York City this week raising awareness about U.S. hunger.

"I have nothing but love and respect for Latina women and women in general of all cultural backgrounds. What saddens me most is that it took away from the issue of Hunger in America, for which I was on the show to begin with," he continued. "I work in a pantry in Venice California with a Hispanic woman named Delpia (who has been feeding people at St. Joseph's Center for 29 years) and she is my personal hero. Having been raised in Los Angeles I have grown up with a deep and profound love for the Latino culture."

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