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Tori Spelling is not only insecure, but she's also a hoarder and she's in desperate need of rehab, according to her husband's ex wife.

Mary Jo Eustace, who was married to Dean McDermott for 13 years and has one child with him, told In Touch Weekly that Tori fights in front of her own children without regard when the Bravo reality-TV show cameras aren't pointed her way.

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"Sadly, now I actually know what goes on behind the scenes in their home and that is even more tragic than what makes it on camera," Mary Jo said, claiming she saw the behavior after she accepted an invitation to be on the "True Tori" to show how a blended family can be civil.

"Tori needs rehab more than him," she said bluntly.

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And not only is Tori's life in shambles, Mary Jo said, but so is her cluttered home.

"She needs serious help for the hoarding issue -- she's admitted her kids aren't even fazed by her extended hospital stays anymore," Mary Jo said. "And all their fighting in front of the children -- it's so dark."

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Though Dean cheated on Mary Jo and left him for Tori 13 years ago, she claims there is no longer an ill will. But she's also not blind. Tori, Dean's ex said, needs to start taking ownership of her insecurities and troubles and seek help.

"Tori came up to me in a panic and said, 'What were you talking to my mother about? My mother takes all my friends.' It was so incredibly sad and disconcerting," she told the magazine. "She needs counseling to stop blaming her parents for her issues and take responsibility for the things that got her in this situation."