Demi Lovato has had her fair share of obstacles to overcome in the last few years, but these days, she's committed to staying healthy. So committed, in fact, that she's been renting a room in a sober facility in Los Angeles to avoid falling back into old habits, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

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Insiders say the 20-year-old X Factor judge has struggled to keep her demons at bay ever since she checked into rehab in 2010 for "physical and emotional issues," which included a "lifelong" eating disorder, depression, and self-mutilation. Some of her problems have been resolved since she left the program in January 2011, but Lovato is the first to admit her recovery is ongoing.

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"I cannot tell you that I have not thrown up since treatment," the "Skyscraper" singer told MTV's SuChin Pak last year during her documentary special, Stay Strong: Demi Lovato. "I cannot tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment. I'm not perfect. This is a daily battle that I will face the rest of my life."

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Living in a sober house helps with that battle, as does surrounding herself at all times with counselors from the program. Sources tell Us the young star -- who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while in rehab -- is constantly accompanied by people from the facility, who calm her down when she's close to blowing up and help stabilize her sometimes unpredictable behavior.

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"She still has body issues," an insider says. "Even though she's made an improvement, she's not nearly fully recovered and still needs help."

"I check in with many, many people every single day," Lovato told the Associated Press a few months after she left rehab. "I have a very strong treatment team and it's actually kind of overwhelming sometimes to have that many people just focused on you and your problems."

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