In light of the shocking news that Paris Jackson is getting treatment after attempting suicide on Wednesday, June 5, stars like Demi Lovato have rallied around the teen to show their support.

"Dear Paris Jackson, don't let bullies to let you down," the X Factor judge tweeted on Thursday, June 6. "We believe in you!! Stay strong, Please."

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Lovato, 20, is no stranger to depression and suicidal thoughts. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the "Heart Attack" singer coincidentally opened up about confronting similar demons at the early age of 7, right around the time she had her first taste of the spotlight, starring in Barney & Friends. 

"The principal called my parents and made me sign this suicide contract saying that I would not kill myself," Lovato recalls to the mag. "They weren’t expecting that so young."

Years and years of body insecurity and depression ultimately led to the former Disney star to seek treatment at a rehab facility in summer 2010, a decision largely supported by her mom and stepdad.

"Celebrities do have luxurious options, but my parents were like, 'No, you’re going to learn something,'" she says.

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There, the singer was diagnosed as bipolar and was treated for bulimia and cutting. Of her decision to openly tell her fans what she was going through since her rehab stay, Joe Jonas' ex says she had no regrets. 

"My parents were like, 'You have two choices. We can either just shut it down and not talk about it, or you can tell people what’s up,'" Lovato tells the magazine. "There was no hesitation, really. I opened up that gate."

Now the singer -- whose latest album Heart Attack went platinum -- says she's feeling better than ever, coming out from the other side on top. [Life post-rehab] is "not as scary as I thought it would be," she shares. 

Lovato can only hope for the same happy ending for Michael Jackson's troubled daughter, 15.

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"You're beautiful and we love you. #Praying," she added in her tweet to the teen.

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