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By Kat Giantis

And we thought ottomans were dangerous. Dick Van Dyke, 87, was fortunately unharmed after his car burst into flames on Monday afternoon as he drove on a Los Angeles freeway.

According to TMZ, a guy named Jason Pennington spotted Van Dyke's smoking Jaguar on the side of the 101 freeway and pulled over when he saw an "elderly man hunched over" behind the wheel.

He reportedly found Van Dyke "struggling," so he yanked open the door and hauled him out as the fire engulfed the engine.

"He's fine, thank God!!" tweeted his wife, Arlene Van Dyke, 41.

She also posted a video that showed the charred remains of the vehicle and the uninjured Hollywood icon talking to a police officer.

Van Dyke did not need medical attention and was not cited, a California Highway Patrol officer confirms to the Associated Press.

Soon after the scary incident, Van Dyke spoke to TMZ, saying his car "started making a noise" that he at first thought was a flat tire.

"Then it started smoking," recalled the veteran actor/national treasure. "Then it burned to a crisp."

When asked if he felt "lucky to be alive," he said "absolutely," adding that he couldn't believe his luck that a police officer, a nurse and a fireman all "just happened to be passing by" and stopped to help.

Said Van Dyke with a smile, "Somebody's looking after me."

He later tweeted a photo of the smoldering wreckage and quipped, "Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!"