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Wait, what?! Almost ten years ago Bill Cosby testified that he received Quaaludes with the intent to give them to unknowing, young women in order to have sex with them…

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Yes, it's true! According to documents obtained by The Associated Press, the comedian admitted to the aforementioned and also revealed that he gave the sedative to at least one woman and "other people" while testifying under oath in 2005. At the time, the 77-year-old comedian was being questioned about claims filed by former Temple University employee, which he was accused of giving three-and-half pills of Benedryl.

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Bill Cosby settled the lawsuit in 2006 under undisclosed terms, however AP is bent on having these documents released by the courts. Bill's attorneys have objected, of course, on the grounds that it would humiliate the actor.

Coincidentally (or not!) the actor also resigned as a member of the board of Trustees at Philadelphia's Temple University in December 2014.

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This latest finding is just another report of sexual misconduct that circles Bill Cosby. Though dozens of women have accused the comedian of sexual misconduct in the past, in many cases the statue of limitations have spared Bill from ever being charged.