Andrew Toth / FilmMagic 1 / 9
Andrew Toth / FilmMagic 1 / 9

The Internet has been buzzing over the last couple days that Mary-Kate Olsen has done an about face with her, well, face.

Standing next to her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate looked noticeably different when she was photographed last week at the 2014 World of Children Awards in New York.

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Dressed in black and expressionless, Mary-Kate appeared to have a more pronounced jaw and bushier eyebrows than her fraternal twin. Her hair parted in the center, looking less put-together than usual, Mary-Kate seemed to many to look significantly older than a typical 28-year-old.

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Is this a matter of a little nip-and-tuck or simply a bad camera angle? It's hard to tell. Photographs can be deceiving.

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Of course, the public has been extra critical of celebrities' sudden drastic changes in appearance ever since Renee Zellweger was photographed last month looking radically different than before. It's likely that some of the extra scrutiny on Mary Kate can be attributed, in part, to that.