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Hot property! Lindsay Lohan may have fewer personal items than she used to, thanks to her mother… Or maybe we should say, she'll have fewer items with "no thanks" to her mother.

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According to a new report, Dina Lohan is selling a stockpile of Lindsay's prized personal possessions in an online flea market. The fire sale isn't sitting well with Lindsay, though, and she's apparently threatening to get police involved.

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Through a rep, Dina is denying that any of this is happening, but to be fair, the family isn't exactly known for its outright truthfulness.

The items on the auction block include furniture, clothing, artwork and more.

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"It may seem like a bunch of junk, but Lindsay says it's worth millions," TMZ is reporting. "Lindsay is urgently trying to get friends to go scoop up her loot before it's all gone — but if that doesn't work ... we're told she'll get police involved."

Insert "The Parent Trap" joke here.