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She's mortal, after all! Duchess Kate isn't good at everything!

After a formal state dinner earlier in the week, the seemingly-can't-do-anything-wrong royal let her hair down on Oct. 23 as she played video games with her husband and several gamers from Abertay University. She wasn't quite the queen of the digital world with her video game skills though.

"I have a lot to learn," she said as she manned a controller alongside Prince William, who seemed at ease among the winners of a computer game design competition at the school.

"I can't educate her, she's not interested," he said as his wife struggled with the games.

The video game competition puts game concept creators together with designers at the college. William is a patron.

Of the couple's skill, one person told People magazine, "They were good for first timers. The Duchess needed a little bit of help."

Duchess Kate -- She doesn't have time for games!