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ET has obtained court documents filed by Eddie Cibrian, in which the star seeks joint physical custody of his children with estranged wife Brandi Glanville, who he claims has physically and mentally abused him and won't allow him to see his children.

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Regarding his children, Mason, 6, and Jake, 2, Cibrian claims in the papers: "[Glanville] is refusing to set a schedule for visitation with the minor children. My relationship with our minor children is the most important thing in my life. To be denied time with our minor children, just because the respondent is angry with me, is unfair to me and extremely detrimental to our minor children."

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He claims that Glanville is full of "emotional rage" and "too angry with me to think of what is the best interest of our children."

He seeks joint physical custody of the children, claiming he has "always been a devoted and doting father," listing the following duties: "attend to [his son's] daily needs, put him to bed, woke up with him, read to him, watched cartoons with him, gave him baths, dressed him for school."

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Cibrian also claims that his estranged wife "is very angry with me for ending our seven-year marriage, and she is enraged at the way in which our marriage ended. In her rage, she has resorted to physically attacking me, mentally abuses me, vandalizing my motorcycle, speaking badly about me in front of our minor children…."

He also alleges in the papers that Glanville tells their children, "Daddy does not love you."

Cibrian filed for divorce from Glanville last August.

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