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This is 50! Elizabeth Hurley is defying age.

The actress took to Instagram on Sept. 15 to show off her incredible toned legs as she waited to film scenes for her show "The Royals." Age is certainly just a number for her!

Looking gorgeous (which isn't hard for her,) Elizabeth is seen sitting in her trailer with beautifully wavy hair wearing a jacket while giving off the appearance of not having pants on. She captioned her selfie with a riddle.

"Q:What do actors actually do in their trailers?" she asked, before answering her own question, saying they "Loll around. In theory, learning next week's lines & catching up with admin. In reality, staring at the ceiling & playing with our phones #TheRoyals."

The actress posted the same leggy photo to Twitter, insinuating that life on the set isn't all that glamorous at times.

"Me in my trailer," she wrote, "staring at the ceiling and/or playing with my phone. And yes, sometimes for HOURS #TheRoyals."

Elizabeth's love of the selfie is well-documented. A scroll through her Instagram shows countless posts. In all of them, she never seems to age.

If she's really that bored in the trailer, maybe she could text her ex Hugh Grant. Earlier this week, the two were spotted strolling through London together.

The former couple dated for 13 years and was by all standards an "it couple" of the 80s and early 90s. In 1995, Hugh made headlines for infamously soliciting a prostitute. Elizabeth stood by his side and they stayed together until splitting in 2000. They've remained friends and staunch allies.

In March she was grilled about her former love by Andy Cohen.

"He used to really annoy me. I love him but he's very annoying," she said when asked about why the two broke up. "Did he annoy you when he was here?"

She went in to say that Hugh is "grumpy." However, when it came to his performance in bed, Hurley had nothing but praise: "10! I was with him for 13 years."

That same month she shed some light on their relationship in speaking to "Access Hollywood."

"I mean, there wasn't a question of us not being best friends," she said. "I think when you've been with someone for a long time, they are family. And to me, he's like a big brother. Or not even a big brother, 'cause sometimes I'm more grown up than him. But we're like siblings now."