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He's breaking hearts already! Emile Hirsch shared a sweet picture of his 6-month-old baby boy, Valor, via Twitter on Wednesday, May 14.

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"Valor at 6 months...Thank God for mama!" the 29-year-old wrote. In the snapshot, Valor looks just like his famous dad as he stares right into the camera with his big blue eyes.

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The "Ten Thousand Saints" actor welcomed his mini-me with a former fling back in November 2013. (The current relationship status between the parents is still unknown.) "He's trying to be a good guy in the situation," a source told Us at the time. "He still has love for the girl—it's just his schedule and life did not fit in with having a relationship." 

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Nonetheless, Hirsch is clearly smitten with his new tyke, and gushed about parenthood just one month after his arrival. "It has just been such a special experience that is really hard to put into words," he told Us at his "Bonnie & Clyde" premiere in NYC on Dec. 3. "He's just adorable. He's like an eternal campfire, you can stare at him forever. He's just beautiful."

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"He's sweet. He's funny," he added. "I don't think I realized how funny some babies were until my son started making me laugh."


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