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Emily VanCamp can totally be herself around boyfriend Josh Bowman -- and he prefers it that way!

In the January/February 2013 issue of Women's Health, VanCamp, 26, opens up about her relationship with her Revenge costar and why he's the perfect guy for her.

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"I'm at my most confident when I'm in nature and I don't have to dress up," the actress shares with the magazine (via Just Jared). "When I take off my makeup, that's my boyfriend's favorite. And that, to me, is a symbol of a great guy -- someone who doesn't care about all that stuff."

VanCamp and Bowman, 24, turned their on-screen romance into a real-life romance at the beginning of this year. Though their ABC show (now in its second season) may be all about getting revenge, VanCamp says that's exactly what they don't do in their relationship.

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"It's more about accepting each other as separate people. That's the fundamental that I try to approach a relationship with," she explains. "Laugh a lot and be really delicate with the other person's heart, because sometimes you start to take each other for granted. Always remember that neither of you needs to be there. It's a choice every day to stay together."

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In January, at the beginning of his relationship with VanCamp, Bowman told Us Weekly what he admires most in a woman.

"Class. Eye contact. She can be anything as long as she holds good conversation," the British actor, who has been linked to Miley Cyrus and the late Amy Winehouse in the past, said. "I'm attracted to intelligence."

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