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StarTraks 2 / 11

Eva Mendes is back ... in black!

Six weeks after welcoming daughter Esmerelda Amada into the world, Eva made her first public appearance as she strolled the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday on her way to a commercial shoot.

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Donning a black sweater and slacks, Eva looked particularly slim for someone who had a baby six weeks prior. Esmerelda was not with Eva on the shoot.

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Seeming to be in good spirits, Eva carried a white Prada bag and was seen chatting with several members of the production crew. She kept her iPhone clutched in her hand for much of the day.

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The fact that she has remained out of the public eye for the last month and a half shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering she was rarely seen during her pregnancy, which was kept hidden for a few months before it was discovered that she and boyfriend Ryan Gosling were expecting.