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Can reality TV love last? Well, if "The Bachelorette" Season 7 star Ashley Hebert's relationship is any indication, then the TV matchmaking system works! Ashley tied the knot with J.P. Rosenbaum in December of 2012, after they met on the ABC show. "The real relationship started after the cameras were off," J.P. recently told Wonderwall.com. "We had real problems and real bills to pay." But they've weathered every storm, and on Sept. 30, 2014, the couple, who have partnered with Puffs, welcomed their first child, son Fordham Rhys. Here, they discuss parenthood, their lasting love, and if they still believe "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor" systems can work.

Wonderwall.com: How has life been since settling in Florida and having a new member of the family on board, your son Fordham?

J.P.: "It has been incredible. We have gotten into a groove. We moved back in July and we've been loving it. Our stress level is down. The weather is amazing. It's been a great transition. Having a baby, it's really just sink or swim. You just roll with the punches. He has been an absolute angel baby. We are spoiled, aside from not sleeping a little bit. But he is just so good and so sweet. He makes the transition easy for us."

Wonderwall.com: How did you prepare for parenthood?

Ashley: "First off, I got books for J.P. and of course they sat by his nightstand and he never even opened them. (laughs) But you can't really prepare until you're in it. We took a lactation class and a newborn class. But we're really learning as we go."

Wonderwall.com: What has been one of the most surprising things that's come up?

Ashley: "For me, it was how difficult breastfeeding was at first. How physically challenging it was. I thought it was going to be a seamless process. It was really painful for a period of time."

Wonderwall.com: What is Fordham's latest milestone?

J.P.: "He changes week to week. He is eating solid foods now. We've gone through sweet potatoes and mangoes and green beans. Ashley's been making all that at home. He can now reach the floor in his little bouncer. And his personality is just coming out a whole lot more. He smiles when he sees ya. He follows you around the room. He's actually a little person now."

Wonderwall.com: Noticing any of your traits in him?

Ashley: "He's easy-going. Definitely like me."

J.P.: "No comment on that one. (laughs) He's a very, very happy baby."

Wonderwall.com: Of course the weather has been nice in Florida, but as the seasons change, what is the best way to care for your baby?

Ashley: "I am a germaphobe and I'm really paranoid about what I use on him. I don't want him to get sick. The partnership with Puffs was a perfect fit for us. It's been a terrible cold and flu season. We keep him contained from anyone who's sick. When we traveled to New York I had my bacterial wipes and Puffs lotion tissue. We love this product because we can use it on the baby and use it on us. We kept like five of the small compact tissue packs in our diaper bag. They are multipurpose. You can wipe drool, use them as a bib, use them for a runny nose. It's pretty amazing."

Wonderwall.com: Do you plan on having more kids soon or will you wait a while?

J.P.: "We always figured that around two years is good space between. My brother and I are two years apart. That's our barometer, I guess."

Wonderwall.com: There aren't many couples from both "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor" that have really lasted like you two have. Do you still have faith in the show's system?

J.P.: "Yeah, I think so. Honestly I don't look at it any different than relationships in real life. Before I met Ashley I went through my share of relationships and my percentage was a lot worse than 'The Bachelor's.' It really was just the catalyst for how we met. Why can't it be the start of somebody else's love story? It absolutely can. But it's just like life: odds are not in favor of it."

Ashley: "The show feeds into everybody's desires. Everyone wants a little bit of crazy, a little bit of drama. But they have this hope that there will be love in the end."

J.P.: "But we have faith in the process for sure."

Wonderwall.com: What has been the key to sustaining a healthy relationship?

J.P.: "Must have an awesome husband!" (laughs)

Ashley: "I think just being a team and having each other's backs. Having a kid, it really challenges that, but it's taught us to be more of a team. Not to say that anything is bad between us, but I haven't been good at making time for our relationship. You really have to make time for your husband because your brain is going to be 125 percent baby."

J.P.: "Team player, compromise and communication. Those are huge. Men are not mind readers."

Wonderwall.com: Has Fordham brought you closer?

Ashley: "Definitely! When you see this little face that is a compilation of you and your husband, it brings you closer together."

J.P.: "We were always pretty much on the same page. I think that is part of the reason it worked out. But with a child, whatever you may not have been on the same page about before, you are clearly on the same page now. Your No. 1 priority is him. I feel that closeness with Ashley. Our interests are 100 percent aligned."