Although Scott MacIntyre -- American Idol's latest eliminated contestant -- couldn't hide the fact that he was blind from fans, he was determined to keep voters focused on his musical talents rather than his physical challenges.

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That's why he didn't open up about having a kidney transplant until he visited Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin on the set of their morning talk show Monday.

"I didnt want to bring that up during the competition, he said. The blindness is obvious, but I didnt want all my challenges to weigh in to the voting, and now that Im off the show, people are finding out about it a little bit more."

Scott, who suffered from kidney failure, was on emergency dialysis for two years before he was able to get a transplant.

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"I can remember a time when I actually didnt have enough strength to sit and play and vocalize at the piano," MacIntyre said. "So every day on Idol is just a blessing for me, and I am healthy now.

MacIntyre, who performed "Just the Way You Are" on Live with Regis and Kelly, added that he was proud of his run on Idol.

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"I just had the time of my live out in California," he said. "I could have kept going a few more weeks if the chips had fallen differently, but Im so excited to be walking away where I am. Out of that many people -- 110,000 almost -- to finish eighth, its just incredible.