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Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images 1 / 5

A naked photo of Snooki from Jersey Shore has been released, is reporting exclusively.

The photo shows Snooki in here bedroom on her knees, looking at the camera.

PHOTOS: Snooki's Tasteful Makeover was first to report on the existence of naked photos of the dynamic Jersey Shore star, but she denied that any existed. However, has seen several photos, which we will not publish, and they appear to be genuine. The background of the photos matches the background of photos Snooki has released via Twitter - and the background is her bedroom.

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In the nude photo just released on a Web site, Snooki's quote about nude photos not existing is printed in a thought bubble. learned that the photos were never intended for public distribution and that there is also a short video that exists. Most of the photos are strategically posed, hiding much of Snooki's body.

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The people in possession of the photos have chosen to remain anonymous so far. But they have registered a domain name and put the photo on a Web site, where has viewed it.

It is the one of the set of photos previously seen by

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