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By Saryn Chorney, reporting by Mary S. Park

OK, ladies, if you squealed with delight when Aidan popped up in the latest Sex and the City 2 trailer, then you'll want to keep reading this interview. Wonderwall had the good fortune of chatting rather, um, intimately, with actor John Corbett at the movie's New York City premiere last night. (He came with longtime girlfriend Bo Derek, but let's just pretend he's single, shall we?) Check out what Corbett had to say about Big vs. Aidan, being a Samantha or a Carrie, and his advice to men in Hollywood who suffer from wandering eye syndrome.

On his 'SATC2' comeback:

"I knew I was coming back for a long time now. I had to lie about it under direct orders from [director] Michael Patrick King. I was just allowed to say I was coming back a month ago. He gave me the marching orders that I should reverse it and tell everybody I know that I'm going to be in the movie."

On stealing Carrie back from Big:

"I don't think so! You know I'd get strung up by Michael Patrick King if I reveal anything."

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On Big vs. Aidan:

"[Those fans] are yelling for Big when they should be in the Aidan camp! I'm going to shoot them with a water gun mixed with a little cayenne pepper!"

On which female character he most relates to:

"I guess I'm a little prudish in my real life so ... Samantha. She's a prude. I don't know ... I guess I'm more analytical, so I'd probably be more like Carrie. Yeah, I think so. I'd have fancy clothes, and I'd be as skinny as I can be."

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On admiring his own character:

"Aidan's just a good guy. There's not a whole lot of good guys left. I don't think he's a liar. He's definitely a one woman guy."

On how men in Hollywood should learn to stay faithful:

"They ought to stick with me. Let's get together, drink a few whiskeys, and I'll teach them how to mind the Johnson."

On his secret about how to 'mind the Johnson':

"Don't let the lizard out of the cage. If you just don't let the lizard out of the cage, you're going to be all right."