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She really did wake up like this! Model Coco Rocha rewrote her own beauty rules when it came to her sleeping ritual.

For three years, she went to sleep in full makeup, a detail that will make most women shudder.

"When I started modeling I did not take care of my skin very well," she told the New York's Post's Page Six. "I would do a photo shoot, wake up and in the morning do another shoot thinking they would just remove yesterday's makeup. That was bad."

Things are certainly different for the beauty now. She dedicates an hour each night to her face, using drug store brands and high-end products only available in France.

"Now I'm OCD about it," explained Rocha. "Finally I realized my mother was right and I've got to take care of my skin."

She's likely to pass along her facial regimen to her 6-month-old daughter Ioni, a little girl who has shifted Coco's purpose in life.

"A lot of us [models] love being in our pajamas at home watching horrible TV just like any average woman," she said. "Now I just want to hang out with my baby all day long. The poor other models when I bring out my phone — they're like, 'We don't need to see her [Ioni] one more time.'"